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Aglona county association "Neaizmirstule" (Forget-Me-Not) was established by a group of volunteers on July 19, 2006. The association was registered in the Enterprise Register on September 12, 2006. In 2015, the organization was granted the status of a public benefit organization in the development of civil society. The association operates in accordance with the developed development strategy. The name of the association is given in honor of the resident of the region, Latgalian poet and writer Rozalia Tabiņa, whose literary pseudonym was Neazimirstule. Activities of the association "Neazimirstule" so far:

1. Strengthening the capacity of NGO members: - We provide consultations (agriculture, entrepreneurship, project development and management issues), - We organize seminars, trainings, camps for the children of low-income residents, we hosted representatives of other NGOs.

2. Project development and management. Projects are implemented both independently and in cooperation with the local government and other NGOs, citizens' initiative groups. The main activities of the implemented projects are the organization and management of sports events, children's camps, creative workshops and educational seminars.

3. Development of lifelong learning, further education: - Master classes in mastering artisan skills. - Courses and seminars (creative workshops, lessons on healthy lifestyle); - Informative seminars involving specialists from various industries.

4. Cooperation, partnership with other NGOs, foundations - "Viduslatgales pärnovadu fund", foundation "Crazy bebri", associations - "Preiļi district partnership", "Spēkavots", "Gūdu saimineiču bidreiba", VIIG "Velomīļi", Preiļi center of non-governmental organizations .

5. Promotion of participation. Participation in residents' meetings and public consultations organized by the municipality of Preiļi, as well as in the activities of various projects of the municipality, such as seminars, discussions, trainings, physical activities, etc., as well as in activities and events organized by other NGOs of Preiļi, for example, participation in the project "Working Communities" (IIC in cooperation with the representative office of the British Council in Latvia) in the activities organized.

6. Promotion of voluntary work. Members of the association, annual charity actions (Christmas charity action "Open the heart and soul!"), environmental cleanup (Tartakas river cleanup), support in organizing and conducting sports activities. Since 2019 a Mother's tent is set up during the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the sacred square of the Aglona Basilica, etc.

7. Providing services to different population groups (children, young people, parents, the poor, creation of a resource point for new parents, where children's necessary things can be rented).

8. Events in various fields. Participation in the organization, evaluation and management of the competition of creative works and illustrations of rural schools of the Latgale region, dedicated to the Latgalian writer and public worker Naaizmērstule. Participation of association representatives in the ECO festival in Lithuania. Participation in cultural, sports, healthy lifestyle, environment-related events.

9. Publicity measures